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Eticom provides an advanced, technology-led approach to building and energy management built on automated metering and monitoring, and centralised control networks. The Eticom system is a vital tool to achieve Net Zero Carbon and meet your ESG responsibilities by providing accurate investment quality data to facilitate control that will instantly reduce emissions and make your building truly 'smart'.

Eticom Cloud® enables you to control your costs by reducing utility consumption and eradicating waste and operational overheads. The revenue generated typically produces an ROI of less than one year and allows you to spread the cost over a three, four or five-year period.

What are the benefits of Eticom?

  • Save money from day one
  • Meet ESG sustainability responsibilities on reporting
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Eradicate waste and inefficiency
  • Future-proof your building

A dedicated team of specialists with decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining fire & security systems, as well as a longstanding top-tier customer base.

Renard's services merge seamlessly with the infrastructure designed and installed by IBG, allowing you to maintain security and control over your building in real time and at the touch of a button using our cloud-based software.

What are the benefits of Renard Fire and Security? 

  • Fully-integrated security systems
  • Fire and security systems nationwide 
  • No obligation security consultation
  • Monthly all inclusive rental deals available
  • No obligation compliance check
  • Fully accredited fire and security provider