Project Overview

IBG were asked to design, install and commission a bespoke, smart metering and monitoring network for electricity and water consumption at this 100+ unit industrial and retail park.

The objective was to automate the utility metering and tenant billing process, improve accuracy, mitigate losses and reduce the number of man hours associated with this previously manual process.

Quote from Client

"In addition to the countless man hours saved by alleviating the requirement for monthly, manual meter readings at Aintree, the IBG System has already produced significant savings by identifying when and where energy is being consumed across both Tenant and Landlord services.

We are very happy with the results thus far and would definitely recommend the IBG Cloud software as the ROI speaks for itself."

Aintree Racecourse Retail & Business Park

The Benefits

Historically all meter readings and tenant billing at the site had been done manually by Emerson employees, with the previous tenant meters located within the individual tenant units. This was a logistical nightmare leading to consistent losses on the quarterly tenant recharge of 5-7% across the estate.

Following the installation of IBG's smart metering solution, all manual processes related to energy metering, reporting and billing have been automated and previous losses have been mitigated through MID compliant hardware and a 'meter-at-source' strategy.

Quote from IBG

“We are extremely pleased with the positive results at Aintree, having overcome various critical signaling challenges during the project due to the existing infrastructure.

The client is very happy with the installation and the ongoing benefits of IBG's cloud-based system which is producing a swift payback."