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    Creating Net Zero Carbon buildings at zero cost

    Intelligent Building Group (IBG) helps property owners and investors create sustainable, well-connected, and future-proofed buildings.

    These buildings will run at their optimum efficiency, energy waste will be eradicated, and all energy used will be Green Energy that is Carbon Neutral. IBG is your energy partner for your managed route to ensuring you hit your Net Zero Carbon goals as part of an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy.

    We install fast fibre networks in multi-tenanted buildings which create the infrastructure for our advanced technologies to sit on. These technologies include the various tools that property experts can utilise, to ensure that the efficiency of their buildings is optimised and full IoT connectivity is achieved.

    Many of these systems can be cost-neutral and CAPEX free, by using a small part of the savings to pay for the systems, over an extended period. This way overheads are reduced as soon as the systems are installed. Opex only funding models are also available.

    What are the main features of smart buildings?

    Smart buildings have many features which distinguish them from traditional buildings and make them ideal for our connected modern world. If you value a progressive, technology led approach which improves efficiency, saves money and is the environmentally friendly choice, these are the sort of features you should be looking for.

    Connected Systems

    The fundamental feature of a smart building is that its core systems are all connected – water meters, pumps, fire alarms, power, lighting and more are all linked.

    This allows the systems to talk to each other and become ‘smart’.


    Smart buildings will incorporate sensors throughout, which play an important role in gathering data to inform decisions regarding resource allocation. For example,

    footfall counters can be integrated throughout a building to identify which areas see higher traffic at certain times of day. This information can then be fed into the lighting, heating and cooling systems.


    Automated systems analyse the information gathered by sensors constantly and in real time. This ongoing monitoring facilitates
    automatic adjustments

    within pre-arranged parameters to control conditions across an entire building without the need for manual inputs, greatly increasing efficiency.

    Digital Data

    The range of technology used in smart buildings generates a large volume of valuable digital data in a way that traditional buildings do not, leading to increased efficiency,

     knowledge based investment decisions and lower operating costs.

    Super Fast Connectivity

    Most buildings have poor connectivity that adversely affects the functionality of a building and its tenants. Super-fast connectivity fibre network ensures the building is fit

    for purpose and future proof as far as possible.

    What is a truly smart building?

    We are in a new age of construction – no longer is it enough for our buildings to simply provide basic amenities. Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, we can deliver so much more. By integrating the latest technology, we can make a modern building efficient, minimise costs and reduce its environmental impact.

    This progressive approach to building will be vital to businesses going forward. The age of smart buildings is here. But what do we mean when we talk about ‘a smart building’?
    At its most basic, a smart building is one which uses technology to collect digital data surrounding a building’s performance and therefore its efficiency. This data allows us to automate various processes – from the control of heating and ventilation, lighting circuits, air conditioning and even safety and security.

    Many traditional buildings waste energy due to poor, outdated technology and controls, the capital investment can not be intelligently allocated due to lack of accurate data. For example, lights may be left on in unused spaces, rooms with no occupants may be heated unnecessarily or air conditioning may be left on overnight, the system data highlights this wastage.
    The goal of a smart building is to avoid this wastage. By doing so we can cut your overheads, improve your energy efficiency, and provide further significant environmental benefits – making your building fit for the 21st century and ESG compliant.

    “Driving sustainability by creating net zero carbon buildings for our clients at zero cost”

    Our Group Companies

    With a combined experience of more than 30 years, IBG is based in the North-West of England with an exclusively UK based workforce and many satisfied clients throughout the country. Our group of companies has merged to offer our clients a fully integrated intelligent solution.

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    Secure, monitor and control your assets from anywhere in the world from your desktop or mobile device.

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    Benefits of IBG

    Our data capture systems involve installing a network throughout the building. We then utilise that same network to give effective control of energy, to supply energy, to supply and deliver industry leading broadband and managed Wi-Fi throughout the entire building.

    Future-Proof Communication Infrastructure
    • Broadband & Managed Wi-Fi
    • Access Control & CCTV
    • Fire & Intruder Security
    Fully Funded Options
    Fully Funded Options
    • Data Capture Systems
    • BEMS Control Systems
    • Decentralised Solutions including CHP Units, Solar PV & EV Supercharge Networks
    Digital Energy Data for ESG Reporting
    Digital Energy Data for ESG Reporting
    • Energy Management & Control
    • Efficient and Accurate
    • True NZC Green Energy Buildings
    New Build or Retrofit
    New Build or Retrofit
    • Can be fitted to any building
    • Savings usually fund system
    • ROI often in < 12-months
    Consolidated Energy Procurement
    Consolidated Energy Procurement
    • Only Green Energy Providers
    • Excellent kWh Energy Rates
    • Revenue Generating
    More Efficient Installation
    More Efficient Installation
    • Fibre Network = Low Install Cost
    • Future-Proof Communications
    • Tenant Friendly Systems

    Featured Projects

    Our case studies are proof that our solutions work.

    We installed a suite of building management systems to meter, monitor, control and bill all aspects of energy usage helping the landlord resolve the inherent issue with billing his tenants, ensuring no loss of revenue through un-allocated utility usage.

    To meet the client’s requirements, our team installed an automated tenant metering network for rent, service charges, heat & hot water with the advantage of simultaneously reducing overheads. The system at Reliance House achieved a full payback in just 3 months.

    We provided WBC with an automated software-driven solution that allows them to remotely meter and monitor all their utility devices on our cloud platform and bill their tenants accordingly.

    “The ESG Agenda is at the forefront of the built environment. It is clear that we need to establish exactly what our carbon footprint is, before we can start to effectively reduce and measure our performance to plan. You clearly can’t manage what you can’t measure, so this is where the strategy should commence. IBG have the systems to measure current energy usage, so you can put in place the control systems to reduce all waste. We guarantee an ROI inside 12-months”